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  • Sammy Melnick

The Ocean's On Fire

It was breaking news just a couple of days ago that there was a huge ball of fire burning on the ocean's surface. Occurrences like these are not supposed to happen. The big reason the oceans are becoming so polluted is because of what is spilling in from the land: manmade chemicals and different pesticides as well as plastics and other garbage. We need to do a better job to stop incidents such as these from happening.

If we changed our energy sources from fossils fuels to renewable, green energy it would not only help the oceans but would help the planet. Oils spillings and other energy leaks harm the ocean and if we switched energy sources manmade disasters such as what happened in the Gulf of Mexico wouldn't occur. The technology already exists. Amazing scientists have found ways to harness energy from the sun, waves, and wind, and while we are seeing more renewable energy sources being built the oil industry is just as big as it ever was.

Our earth is heating up and we need to put effort into cooling it down. 80% of the input into the pollution in oceans stems from the land according to the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration. Switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy will help the planet heal and most importantly the people on it.

Pemex, the company responsible for the eye for fire, has had many incidents in the past that have lead to fires, leakages, and different injuries. And they are not the only company. We need to do a better job of preventing large corporations to do whatever they want with the earth. Regulations need to be placed to prevent corporations from spilling into the oceans as well as polluting the atmosphere. Pemex and other oil industries face no punishment or accountability for these incidents which allows them to keep happening. Our environmental laws in both America and across the globe need to be updated to our current scientific knowledge and practices. We know that increased carbon in the atmosphere correlates with disrupting temperatures and melting ice caps. And with that

I hope that we do not have to see incidents such as the one in the Gulf of Mexico again. It broke my heart to see a ball of flame in the ocean of all places. We are still destroying this world and we need to do more to protect it. we have one planet and we should not take that for granted. We need to preserve this earth so our grandkids and their grandkids still have a place to live.

-Sam Melnick

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