• Sammy Melnick

COVID-19 Lockdown Illustrates Connection Between People, The Earth, & Pollution

The economic destruction caused by the COVID-19 virus has devastated the economy of many nations, but something quite unexpected has happened as a result. A sharp drop in pollution from power plants, airplanes, and motor vehicles has cleared the air quite literally and allowed people to see things that were hidden by a pall of human-made pollution for the first time in decades.

In the Indian city of Jalandhar this week, residents were astonished to find they could see the mountains in the Dhauladhar range, which is part of the Himalayas, for the first time in decades.

People are noticing the world around them in a new way, which could lead to a new understanding of how human activities can damage the environment. Nothing could be more important in the fight to save the Earth from becoming too hot to support human life than reaffirming the connection between  ourselves and nature.

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