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Planet First Foundation, founded in 2019, is a non-partisan non-profit foundation and think tank driven to create solutions to the dominant causes of adverse climate change. 

The result of human actions is  the emission of greenhouse gases  that contribute to climate change. 

We implement solutions reduce waste and the elimination of single-use plastics  through a variety of means from education, peaceful protest, and facilitating recycling programs in businesses, public gathering places, and homes.

100% of donations go to the implementation of Planet First Foundation's initiatives.

  • Promoting recycling in public venues aka "Twin the bin" using recycling bins next to garbage bins

  • Promoting use of reusable water bottles and bags

  • Promoting use of reusable (or compostable) plates, cutlery and dinnerware 

  • Promoting recycling as part of daily life 

  • Recycling reduces the need for extracting (mining, quarrying and logging), refining and processing raw materials to prevent substantial air and water pollution

  • Recycling saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions

  • Compostable packaging should be used with food to improve trash collection methods

  • Developing country-specific large-scale solutions for reusing plastic materials to reduce plastic waste

In 2020, Planet First Foundation is pleased to announce the  launch of its  "Recycling Seal of Approval " Campaign!

The Campaign's focus is to showcase positive examples of recycling practices in our communities and work places and raise awareness of dated practices that require attention.

While solutions exist, implementing them is the hardest part. It involves bringing policymakers, manufacturers, and consumers together to achieve the larger goal of greater sustainability through reduced waste.


It was dangerous for Western countries to assume that passing their waste off to developing countries was a constructive solution. It is now imperative to think of quick and effective solutions, because it’s clear that old waste policies caused significant environmental harm and new waste is already piling up.

A report from the World Economic Forum called

"The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the Future of Plastics"  promote the idea that plastics should  be used until we can extract maximum value out of the resources that were used to manufacture them. 

This could be achieved using technology to improve materials used in manufacturing, investing in the development of new manufacturing materials, developing technologies for reprocessing discarded plastics, and enabling the reuse of packaging in the business to business (B2B) segment.  

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